Intelligent and adaptable computer controlled prosthetic feet provide stability and flexibility to amputees

Intuitive microprocessor-controlled feet provide stability and flexibility to amputees with their ability to adapt to varying walking speeds and conditions allowing the user to enjoy more natural movement when walking. The Triton Smart Ankle (TSA) and Meridium are just some of the feet developed by Ottobock, a leading manufacturer of prosthetic mobility solutions, which give amputees confidence and independence when out and about.

Stability and flexibility
The TSA is a microprocessor-controlled ankle joint combined with the excellent functionality of the Triton Low Profile Foot. Thanks to additional ankle functions, the innovative foot is able to adjust gradually to changes in both walking speed and environment.
  • Relaxed Mode: While sitting down the foot lowers itself to the ground. This creates a more natural posture and improves the comfort levels of the user.
  • Free Ankle Motion: Complete freedom of movement for a period of 15 seconds. A feature that is helpful when putting on trousers etc.
  • Toe Lock: Options to lock the foot into a fixed angular position for driving etc.
Independence and mobility
The Meridium foot is a computer controlled foot created to help amputees regain their independence and increase their mobility. It has a unique four-axle design which flexibly connects the toe plate, foot and ankle with one another allowing for natural motion patterns when walking. It is also the most lifelike computer controlled foot launched by Ottobock, closely matching the anatomy of the human foot.

The intelligent built-in microprocessor and sensors allow the foot to control all aspects of the walking cycle. From the very first step the Meridium adjust itself in real-time according to walking speed, step length and walking surface – regardless of whether it’s uneven or a slope. The sensors continually record movements, position and surface gradient so the Meridium can instantly adjust itself to different situations like walking, standing or sitting; while the hydraulic resistance is immediately adjusted at heel contact for a noticeably soft impact. It is a quantum leap in technology that successfully combines adaptability and safety in a single product.
  • Surface Contact: The mobility in the ankle joint, the unique four-axle design and the hydraulics allow the user to maintain longer full-surface ground contact including when walking down stairs and walking backwards.
  • Enhanced Safety: When the foot leaves the ground during walking, it remains in the raised position to achieve additional ground clearance, reducing the risk of falling and tripping.
  • Automatic Height Adaptation: Fully automatic heel height adaptation from 0 to 5 cm. The foot also detects heel height change and completes the heel height adjustment automatically. It also automatically lowers itself to the floor as the user sits down establishing a natural posture and reduces strain in the leg and improves wearer comfort on the residual limb.
App control
The TSA and Meridium can both be operated easily and conveniently via a smartphone or tablet app. The app allows users of the TSA to change the heel height, vary the forefoot stiffness and disconnected the ankle for a short time so the user can move the foot into any position.

Many of the functions of the Meridium can be set by the user themselves using the app such as to change the heel height for a more personal preference or will allow them to select from a range of pre-set modes.

Who can benefit
The TSA and Meridium are ideal for transtibial amputees with mobility levels two, three and four and also provide a state-of-the-art solution for transfemoral and knee disarticulated patients.

Perfectly matched with the C-Leg 4; the TSA’s carbon fibre frame, coupled with the hydraulic unit makes it streamlined and durable. It replicates natural movement of the ankle and is complemented by the actions of the C-Leg 4. For the ultimate, premium combination, the Meridium with its accurate, real-time adjustments is ideally suited to transfemoral patients that are fitted with a Genium or Genium X3 knee joint.

Reclaim your choice, reclaim your way
Whatever the lifestyle of the wearer – whether real-time adjustments or just the gradual adaptability is needed – both the Meridium and the TSA offers freedom to choose what footwear to use, while at the same time providing safety and peace of mind.

For more information on Ottobock’s range of innovative solutions that restore mobility please visit or follow @ottobockuk.
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Top image: Reclaim your way with the Meridium foot from Ottobock / Bottom image: Reclaim your choice with the Triton Smart Ankle from Ottobock