TerrainHopper - Create Your Own Adventure

We manufacture superior on/off road mobility products for the UK and worldwide market. They are electrically powered enabling people with mobility problems access to off road locations in the same way mountain bikers and ramblers currently enjoy.

Our unique independent suspension system allows incredible articulation over difficult undulating terrain of all types with ground clearance of 250mm giving you the freedom to climb mountains such as the Pen y Fan, Snowden and Skiddaw without the need for a backup team!. The all-round shocks cushion the effect of going over rocks etc. Those with spinal injuries have commented how soft the suspension is when going up and down kerbs! No jolting is experienced. People who have test drove them compare it’s climbing capability to a Land Rover!

The aesthetics and functionality of TerrainHopper’s dispel the stigmatism normally attached to mobility or disabled products. Our products are typically used by adults and children with spinal injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, MS, MND, amputees, Paraplegics or who have reduced mobility and want to continue doing what they loved to do, walking, shooting, fishing, filming, horse riding or simply participating with their family on walks etc and not being left on the side line.

Our electric wheelchairs and scooters give you total freedom with incredible stability and cushioned suspension. You can go up mountains independently, traverse water, go on the beach over fine sand and pebbles, forge through deep mud, traverse rocks, boulders and plough through undergrowth; or simply take your dog for a walk or go down to the shops (they’re road legal)! Don’t just take our word for it, look at the independent blogs and testimonies of our product on our Website and Facebook pages. The following are some testimonies:

“It’s a superb ‘bit of kit’ and has transformed our life. We were hill walkers and my husband’s MS hit us both hard, we never thought we would see those hills again! Then the ‘beast’ (as we call it) arrived in our life! We have been able to get out onto the South Downs Way, Dartmoor, Charmouth fossil hunting...and Cornwall beaches. Best piece of kit we have ever bought!

The team at Terrain Hopper have been so helpful too with our questions and support. Highly recommend, we have used other supposedly all terrain scooters - but nothing comes close to the capability of the Hopper. We had previously purchased an ‘all-terrain’ scooter - which was half the price - bad mistake - we just found we were turning around as it always got us some of the way - then we came to a very muddy or rocky section of path and had to turnaround. Wish we had just gone for the TerrainHopper first!” Gilbert Taylor.

“I had to let you know what a difference my TerrainHopper” has made to my life. I have always done a lot of walking all over the country and especially in Scotland where we spend a lot of the winter. But I haven't been able to this for a very long time, until now. Thanks to my TerrainHopper I can go where ever and whenever I want, I can't tell you how it has changed my life. Instead of sitting in the car waiting for others to return from their walks I'm out there leading them. I've been up hill and down dale from fighting blizzards in Scotland to battling through thick undergrowth in the forests, I've even had a paddle in the sea on a long coastal walk. I still can't believe what I'm able to do all because of my TerrainHopper.” Irene Mallender.

The steering on all our products is fully adjustable, backwards and forwards and the handle bars can be independently adjusted at different angles to suit the user. For those requiring joystick control, the steering is directional through the joystick; which means that the wheels will not be “turned aside “ like the castor wheels on a conventional wheelchair but will climb the obstacle in the direction you point it to go!

We provide bespoke alterations and modifications to meet an individual’s personal requirements. We also offer various seats from standard car type seating, specialist seats for posturing to carbon fiber racing seats and additional safety options such as overhead roll bar and remote stop controls. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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